Оборудование для горячего тиснения фольгой и оборудование для шелкографии трафаретной печати | cтеклоформующая машина | оборудование для производства стеклотары и декорирования стеклянной тары

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As an agent in Russia and CIS for the European manufacturers of glass machinery, RITSTEKLO Ltd. promotes the sales and service of glass forming and glass processing equipment:

  • glass melting furnaces
  • forehearths and feeders
  • IS machines and accessories
  • coldend conveyors and palletizing
  • silk-screen printing machines
    for container glass decoration
  • hot stamping machines
    for container glass decoration

We can also offer variable parts, consumables and accessories for the a/m equipment.



The history of our co-operation with Bottero/Revimac, Emmeti / Sipac and Car-Met started in early 2000s, Iris joned in later. Since then, multiple projects have been implemented both in new construction and retrofit. Glass machinery supplied by Bottero/Revimac, Emmeti/Sipac, Car-Met and Iris have proven its reputation in the Russian market. We have also established efficient co-operation with renowned Italian producer of screen-printing machines Fermac srl and French supplier for hot stamping machinery and consumables CER/CERfoils. Together we have done several decoration projects in Russia and ex-SU.

The demand for state-of-the-art glass and decoration machinery in Russia stays high since 1998 due to consistent rise in food and drinks sector. As part of machinery supply chain we are hoping that our business will promote the upgrade of Russian glass industry to world standards of quality and efficiency.


«RITSTEKLO» Ltd. plays an essential part in the supply chain providing a link between Sellers and Buyers of glass machinery in the growing Russian market

Our technical support to potential customers starts from the very early stage of the project to include provision of basic layouts for glass container production, background data, selection of equipment. We often make on-site assessments to find the most efficient layout for the particular customer.

Our scope of services includes information exchange between the Buyer and the Seller preparation of contractual documents according to the Russian legislation and making purchase orders.

We deliver complete installations or separate machines and/or units, in particular, to retrofit existing factories. Equally important for Russian customers is the supply of spare parts and variables that we offer.

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