Москва, Большой
Овчинниковский пер., д. 16

Company Profile

As an agent in Russia and CIS countries for the West European and US manufacturers of glass machinery, RITSTEKLO Ltd. promotes the sales and service of glass conditioning, forming, annealing, coldend inspection, sort-ing and packing equipment “from forehearth to palletizing” for production of glass con-tainers (bottles, jars, perfumery and cosmet-ics), plus silk-screen printing machines for glass container decoration and foil hot stamp-ing.


RITSTEKLO Ltd. plays an essential part in the supply chain providing a link between Sellers and Buyers of glass machinery in the growing Russian/CIS market. Our technical support to potential customers starts from the very early stage of the project to include pro-vision of basic layouts for glass container pro-duction, reference technical data and selection of equipment.


Service engineers in RITSTEKLO staff, are capable by their own to install and startup glassforming equipment, ensure its warranty and post-warranty service support.


We often make on-site assess-ments to find the most efficient layout and scope of supply for the particular customer and product line.


We can offer complete production lines or separate machines and/or units, for a “green field” project or retrofit of existing factory. Equally important for our customers is the supply of spare parts and variables produced by those Companies whom we represent in the Russian/CIS market.

The demand for state-of-the-art glass machin-ery in Russia/CIS stays high since the year 1998 due to consistent rise in food and drinks sector. As part of machinery supply chain, we are hoping that our business will further pro-mote the upgrade of Russian/CIS glass indus-try to world standards of quality and efficien-cy.